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Over the years our friends and supporters have read and reviewed books with the greatest of pleasure. They are all relevant to our cause in their own unique way.
We have given the name of the publisher so that you may check that the book is still available. Happy reading.

How Mothers Love.doc April 2013

How Mothers Love by Naomi Stadlen

Published by Piatkus Naomi Stadlen is the psychotherapist and author who brought us the brilliantly titled “What Mothers Do, Especially When it Looks like Nothing” in 2004.  She has been running London-based weekly discussion groups called Mothers Talking for many years.  The women sit in a circle and Stadlen asks each of them about their […]


The Mask of Motherhood

by Susan Maushart  Penguin £5.99 When I was pregnant with my first child during the summer of 1999, I was working in an independent bookshop in Bristol. Part of my job was to unpack special orders, and let customers know the books had arrived. This meant that  as well as seeing tens, maybe hundreds, of […]


The Selfish Society

by Sue Gerhardt Simon & Schuster £12.99 Ambitious and wide ranging, the Selfish Society reveals the vital importance of understanding our early emotional lives, arguing that by focusing on the attention we give to our young children we can create a better society. Open any newspaper and what do you find? Violence and crime, child […]


First Impressions

by Jane MacRae This book is a manual for wholesome child rearing, which aims to feed the minds and hearts of our children with high quality, unprocessed stimulation.  Its author encourages an organic approach to parenthood, giving a wide range of activities which grow out of the natural interest children have in the world around […]


The Complete Secrets of Happy Children

by Steve Biddulph and Shaaron Biddulph Thorsons £12.99 Drawing on his experience as a family psychologist and a father, and with common sense, Steve Biddulph, with the assistance of his wife, has put together a very grounded source of advice and encouragement for all parents. This book is really two books rolled into one, with […]


The Sexual Paradox: Men, Women and the Real Gender Gap

by Susan Pinker Atlantic Books  £12.99 This book matters, not least because its author, a well-known Canadian child psychologist, has moved from a hard-line feminist position in which she believed the sexes were interchangeable, to recognition that there are profound differences between them. Members of FTM and readers of its newsletter will regard such a […]


The Essential First Year

by Penelope Leach Dorling Kindersley £13.99 Research, fashions and different experts have, each in their time, transformed the way in which successive generations have raised their children. In this respect, the above expert and the above book are no different. Would I buy this book as a present for a mother who is expecting her […]


Remotely Controlled – How television is damaging our lives

by Dr Aric Sigman Vermillion £8.99 As a parent, this book is definitely an unwelcome, yet an incredibly enlightening and important read. Unfortunately for me, the familiar feeling of relief when my toddler sat in front of the television and gave me ten minutes of peace has been turned very firmly on its head. Remotely […]


21st Century Boys

by Sue Palmer Orion 14.99 Science tells us that, rather than being the superior sex by design, boys are at a disadvantage to girls from conception.  At the beginning of her new book, Sue Palmer describes how some research suggests some research suggests that boys’ potential vulnerability starts in the womb and continues from there. […]


The Spoilt Generation

by Aric Sigman Piatkus £12.99 Dr Sigman, Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, is a hands-on father of four willing to speak out about how he feels our children are being neglected.  They are spoiled in ways which go beyond materialism, he writes, and are given […]

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