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MAHM-fordads1Mums and Dads matter

MAHM believes mothers and fathers are equal. Equal but different. Families should be free to negotiate work and care responsibilities between them in the way that suits their personal circumstances, and this includes a level playing field for single-earner families who provide care at home ‘in house’, whether it’s mum or dad.  It can’t be right that single-wage couples pay significantly more tax (on the same household income) than dual-income working couples.

What is ‘progressive’ and what is ‘regressive’?

In the majority of couples mums take on the role of primary caregiver,  especially in the early years, but sadly when she’s a stay at home mum it’s a choice which is viewed as déclassé. For fathers the challenges are different, but on the ‘policy front’  commentators  view it as a good  ‘progressive’ choice.   In other words it’s a modern choice for dads to take on more of the care responsibilities but when that same job – arguably the single most important job in the world –    is carried out by the mother it’s considered regressive and old fashioned.  This can’t be right!

MAHM-fordads2Letting families choose for themselves:

Parents should be free to decide for themselves how they organise their family life.   We  know that  more and more dads are forfeiting an entire income to ‘be there’ to take care of the children whilst the mother returns to work.   We also know that transferable tax allowances would help all single-wage couples enormously,  whether it’s the mother or father at home, establishing the principle that raising children is a team effort.

How Income Splitting would help regardless of who works and who cares:

Income splitting would be even better for families.  Unlike the transferable tax allowance  ‘Income Splitting’   would still help parents when the second earner goes back to work – often a part time, school-hours job that fits around the children.  Income Splitting would help all models of family life where there are dependents to provide for,  including two working parents when one earns significantly more than the other.

If you are a dad at home or a dad providing for your family financially and you’d like to help us develop this section of our website for fathers, please get in touch via

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