Tory War On Mothers

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”Mothers have carried their babies for nine months – what kind of society tries to interrupt this most intimate of relationships before it has barely begun? We know, through thousands of years of civilisation, that mothers are best suited to care for infants, yet now this is coming under attack – something unthinkable even a few years ago.”


”It is time to call a halt to this war on maternal care. Most mothers who care for their children at home (while their partners are working) are providing sensitive and attentive care for their children and saving the State the cost of subsidising their care in nurseries. This Government only cares about GDP figures and tax revenues so the more mothers it can push into paid work, the better. It takes a nasty bunch of politicians to maintain such a war on family life. Sadly, many of them can be found in the Conservative Party.”

Laura Perrins, co-editor of The Conservative Woman

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