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Letters to the Editor, The Times – January 2016  (unpublished)

Dear Sir,


Cossetting kids

Jenni Russell, writing in The Times  (Mothers have got to stop cossetting their kids) ,  peddles the myth that salary is a sign of significance whilst unpaid care is no more than a gratuitous game of pat-a-cake.  She implies that whereas stay at home mothers look back at 20 years of caring as wasted time, their working (ie, paid) equivalents look back at 20 years of juggling work and family with a sense of satisfaction at the fundamental difference they have made to their employers’ lives.

Working mothers know they have achieved something of real value which they would never have done if they had simply provided the love and care their children needed whenever they needed it.

I’m updating my CV so I can at last do something of real value.  I’m sure my children will appreciate me more if I have a job title.

Claire Paye


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