Warning over plans to extend nursery hours

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Warning over plans to extend nursery hours   17th February 2016

MAHM says:

‘The Government will not listen’ …….that’s something we seem to hear time and time again these days!

In other words failure to engage with people on the ground – and failure to listen to the concerns of experiences practitioners and managers when it comes to what works in childcare policy.

And what about the children in all of this? There’s no research to show additional benefits to children aged 3 yrs plus, over and above what is already offered (15 hours/mornings or afternoons only).
In fact surely it’s a law of diminishing returns?
30 hours per day for little ones is, for many children, far too long and tiring, not to mention the importance of investing in family time and family relationships.

The Govt seems intent on following this path, despite protestations from many directions….

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