Ex Tory voter breaks down on Question Time over tax credit cuts

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16th October 2015

MAHM comment:   When will the Conservative Government realise that budgets are squeezed to the limit already?  

In the UK care responsibilities are still not taken into account in taxation and austerity is biting hard.  It’s a toxic combination of unfair family taxation,  high cost of living and accommodation, low hourly rates of pay and poor pay progression.  Cuts to tax credit net is the last straw for many.  

We know that Govt is keen to cut the deficit, but the welfare bill goes mainly on pensions, not young families.  It’s clear that with changing demographics welfare costs were always going to be on an upward trend.  But why punish young families doing their best when they need the most support when bringing up children?

The article (and link)  below shows how benefits are spent and as it clearly explains: 

Ask people where that money goes and the assumptions might be on unemployment or incapacity benefit. In fact, 47% of UK benefit spending goes on state pensions of £74.22bn a year, more than the £48.2bn the UK spends on servicing its debt.

(2011/2012 data)


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