Thank God George Osborne is making young people pay for the crash – they caused it after all

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The Independent 10th July 2015

MAHM says:     trong words from Mark Steel –  which reminds us all that new life is for celebrating and that families should be afforded dignity.  

Instead too many families around the UK are forced to grapple with a new set of challenges on a daily basis as more and more struggle to make ends meet on low or stagnant pay levels, are faced with ridiculously expensive accommodation in many areas of the country,  higher family taxation than other countries in the OECD (especially when single earners) and now mounting cuts to the welfare net faced by those bringing up the next generation.   Our policymakers seem to have forgotten than in families raising children the money earned by parent(s) has to stretch much further to support several individuals,  often the most vulnerable including children, young people and sometimes the elderly and sometimes disabled children or children who are sick and need care.  

In truth ‘the family’ is the best welfare net there is – and also the most cost effective.  It makes little sense to weaken families just when we need our country to be healthier, happier and more productive. 

Marie Peacock


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