Making sacrifices to care for family

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When a mother or father is at home looking after the family and managing on just one wage  ( often facing huge financial struggles in order to provide one-to-one care)  what right do some people have to dismiss this as a  ‘’privileged choice of the elite’’?  How dare they! 

 It particularly makes me cross as one-wage couples pay more tax (twice the tax)  on their household income than dual earning working couples, thereby making it even harder to make ends meet.   Thank you to MAHM for pointing that out in their literature.

I have been in meetings with politicians and professionals with joint incomes of a whopping  £100,000 or more –  and often they own their houses outright.  And yet still they complain about paying minimum rates for childcare!   It’s way off the mark for journos and others to diss one earner families on lower incomes  and to assume they must easily be able to afford it.  Don’t they  realise the sacrifices made by some families in order to take care of their children themselves rather than using nurseries long before the time is right?  

And what about the fact that many wealthier dual-earning, professional couples do nothing but complain about childcare costs despite the fact that childcare is heavily subsidised by other taxpayers and with no acknowledgement that childcare providers  (usually women)  are barely able to pay their own bills on such low wages!

Double standards!

We should all stick together but I’m fed up with hearing people say that a mother or father at home looking after children has no ‘costs’, or that it’s a ‘luxury’  or that they’re somehow ‘lucky’ to be able to afford to give up work.    I gave up my income to be the care provider for a while.    We didn’t tie ourselves to an expensive mortgage or over-stretch ourselves.   It’s a choice  – to be at home and to ‘be family’  – that we don’t regret.   It’s the right choice for our family and our children for one of us to be properly available to take care of them.  But to be called part of a ‘privileged elite’  while I’m at home is beyond a  joke. 

Filed 12 April 2015

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