A worse deal for our family income than in the 60s and 70s. Hardly progress!

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We are a one wage family (my husband’s wage) and I am a full time degree student which fits in with school terms and hours most of the time.   We made a commitment that we would bring up our children ourselves rather than hand over their care to strangers.   We suffer financially because of this.  I am unlikely to be able to work much even after my degree because one of our children has additional needs which means their school attendance due to illness and medical appointments is low.

As a family we pay a huge amount of tax for our income and we struggle financially.   I am extremely disappointed at the government’s recent announcement of a new childcare tax allowance for families where both parents are working.   I would like my husband to be able to use my tax allowance against his earnings to benefit us as a family.   I fail to see why after years of claimed ‘improved rights’ for women,   I have a worse deal for our family income than my mother did in the 1960s/1970s!   Hardly progress!’

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