Is it right that mothers who care for children are penalised?

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A mum writes to MAHM:

”I wondered if MAHM is going to question the three main parties on their thoughts on stay at home mothers in the lead up to the election.

For instance I would definitely base my voting decision on how each party treated this issue. So far we seem to have received only financial penalties and demeaning comments about ‘hard working families’ from Cameron.

Can he or the others do any better than that.

My situation is that my husband and I are both professionals who have worked full time all our lives contributing to the economy. I am a graduate and highly qualified in my field of work. I worked until the birth of my son in 2008 in my early 40s.

My husband and I decided that we would live on one salary as we believed the caring for our only child was the most important thing to us – more important than holidays abroad and designer shoes!

We have managed to do this, with some difficulty and not helped behaving child benefit cut. I was outraged and insulted when the rules were changed so that many families who had two working parents received the benefit while we no longer qualified (my husband’s income was just over the threshold). In other words, the Government has rewarded mothers who left their children to return to work. I strongly object to childminders receiving indirect pay from the Government (via benefits to working mothers) while I receive nothing.

Please ask each candidate from each of the three/ four main parties what their views are on benefits for families and whether women who chose to stay at home with their children should be rewarded or penalised as they are under the current government?

I for one will base my vote on their answers. (and my husband probably would too).  How many other voters feel the same? What proportion of the electorate are we? 

Editor’s note:  Some personal details have been removed from the letter we received on 31st March 2015

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