Heartbreaking decisions

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Letter to Daily Telegraph 19th Feb 2015


SIR – Nick Clegg says that he wants a million more women in the workplace by the end of the next parliament (Telegraph report, February 10). He states that it is “heartbreaking” that women have to choose between pursuing their career and caring for their family.


What is heartbreaking is that he is encouraging mothers to leave their babies and young children to be brought up by strangers. The drive to get women back into the workplace as soon as possible creates the belief that their career prospects will suffer unless they get back to work quickly.


There should be more support for families in which one parent takes on full-time care for their children and home, and more thought given to the wellbeing of very young children.



MAHM says ‘thank you’  to the author of the above letter for putting the points so well and for prioritising the needs of young children. 

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