Families feed the soul

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5th February 2015

Hooray – and thank you, for your magnificent article  (note: article written by MAHM supporter and researcher Belinda Brown in the Daily Mail). 

I nearly missed it.

I agree with you 100%.

I am a  mother of 4 in my sixties and Granny to 6. I was highly educated but was lucky enough to have a husband who agreed that the family was the top priority for us BOTH. So he worked long hours and I trained in an area that gave me flexibility to work around the family. But I could NEVER have supported us. It was pin money and gave me an interest.

But I LOVED being a mother and I loved helping and seeing my babies grow into warm, secure, sociable, kind toddlers, children, adolescents and human beings.

My daughter and daughters in law would all love to be at home for longer with their little ones, but they can’t. They are all educated to a higher level but have to work to pay for the mortgages on their  small homes. Not because of ambition or desire. Although they find their jobs generally fulfilling, their families feed their soul more and they want more than anything to give their children love and security and to be there to see ‘The Firsts of Everything’ and to be there when a child is ill or upset.

We all believe that in an ideal world babies and toddlers would be brought up by people who love them – who are permanent fixtures in their lives. I do and have done – my best, helping with child care. But I can’t do it 5 days a week. My families don’t live locally so I have a commute and I don’t have the energy. Also, not being at home, I haven’t built up a social network to support me.

I love the word ‘Hijacked’. It sums it all up.

Hurrah for you. You have brightened my day considerably and it is heart warming for someone like yourself, to make a strong stance. I know I speak for all my friends when I say, “You have given us a voice”.

Thank you.

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