I can’t wait for someone to come canvassing at my door

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My husband and I both worked full time until we had children. My husband works abroad a lot and we don’t have grandparents nearby so essentially I have sacrificed my salary to become a stay at home mum.

We don’t receive a penny in child benefit or tax credits and while my husband earns a decent salary he is just over the limit so we receive nothing (this is only because he has a company car which is essential to his job becuase he is a salesman on the road). His salary is taxed to the hilt and we have to pay our mortgage out of that which we took out as a double income couple. 

We do not live beyond our means, we have 2 kids a 3 bed semi house. I shop frugally, we don’t go out as a couple and cannot afford luxuries. I never buy clothes for myself. We have to watch our money carefully. We save hard to afford a holiday abroad every 2 years….

To say I feel cheated by this tax system is an understatement. What annoys me is i am essentially providing childcare for my husband’s children (yes they are mine as well but I have already sacrificed my salary to look after them) so why can’t he pay me in childcare vouchers for doing this job the same way he would be able to do if he used a registered childminder?

I should at least be able to transfer my £10k personal allowance to him to make up for my loss of salary. If MPs can employ their spouses as ‘personal assistants’ WHY CAN’T WE????!! Makes me so angry I can’t wait for someone canvassing for the general election to knock on my door so I can have a doorstep debate. 

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