The message for mothers at home is ‘you don’t matter’

Posted in: Your Views: What Parents Say

A mum at home says:

”We are currently paying back 70% of our child benefit for our 3 daughters , all because we chose for my husband to work extra to make up for me staying at home with our kids. It’s not about the money, it’s about the message behind it which pretty much implies that what I do is not valued, which I find absolutely appalling.”

MAHM responds:  Not only is your work not valued or recognised,  it’s actually penalised!   The message is ‘you don’t matter and the work you do is easily replaceable’.   It’s a crazy system to tax single earner families way more than dual earner parents on same overall income coming in.   We need a level playing field.  We need either Income Splitting or a Transferable Tax Allowance.    We should be helping and encouraging the mother or the father to take care of their children when they need it. 

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