If parenting is a shared project then why are mothers and fathers treated as individuals?

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Family tax should be based on ‘household income’ not individual income – only that way will it be a modern system reflecting joint responsibility for work and care in the family. Politicians can’t say that parenting is a shared project for mothers and fathers and then decide to tax them and treat them as individuals instead of a team. It’s contradictory.

We need income splitting for families with children or a transferable tax allowance.  This isn’t something ‘extra’  or a ‘perk’  for some married people (as is often implied).  Rather it’s to get rid of the current tax penalty faced by some families because at the very least we need a level playing field.  How can it make sense for some parents to have to pay more tax than other people on roughly the same household money coming in, especially when they have dependants?  Care responsibilities are important and should be treated fairly instead of making life difficult for families. 

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