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The Mother Magazine

Our thanks to The Mother Magazine for offering a free digital copy of their beautiful magazine to MAHM members (November 2014).  If you are a member of MAHM please contact [email protected]  to claim your gift.  

by Starr Meneely

I remember when my first issue of ‘The Mother’ magazine fell through my letterbox. I read it straight through in one sitting, my eyes full of tears. I felt like I had come home.

My mothering journey has twisted and turned through the years; wandered in and out of different phases and ideas, but my love for this magazine had not changed. It has been through The Mother that I have formed some of my dearest friendships and created some of my most treasured memories.

This is more than just a magazine, more than a collection of articles and pictures. It is a thread that connects mothers beyond the everydayand the otherwise. It resonates with us on that level of motherhood that is grit and grunge, raw and real. Through those years of mothering when we feel like were lost in a black hole, exhausted, spent, and everything is messy, The Mother magazine is a steady voice of reassurance. In those dark hours when it seems like any sense of selfweve ever had has vanished, The Mother inspires us. This is what the The Mother has meant to me and it was with great pleasure that I took on the role of editor and publisher earlier this year.

The Mother magazine stands apart in quality of content and writing. Our articles are written by professionals in their fields, published writers, and popular bloggers. We are able to address serious topics and challenging ideas both intellectually and with compassion. Our topics typically include Natural Healing, Motherhood and Spirituality, Coming of Age, Holistic Education, and Gentle Birth. Our readers tuck their copies away to return later for reference and to share with friends.

We are fortunate to work with talented artists, photographers, and designers. I strive to create a publication that is beautiful to hold and read. I look for images that make me feel something special and I hope that each reader will respond in a similar way. I believe that one of the most important parts of mothering is to look for and nurture each enchanted moment and respond to our children with feeling and love. I hope that in each issue I am able to symbolise this and that mothers go away inspired and encouraged. My vision is to capture the feeling I had when I read my first copy. I hope mothers continue to feel loved, nurtured, challenged, and validated. I want to capture the beautiful amongst the not so beautiful parts of motherhood, and nurture the thread that weaves together each of our readers.

Mothers yearn for companionship with each other and we try to facilitate ways for our readers to form friendships and meet in real life. Every time a mother is able to find a circle of like-minded mothers; sit together, share, cry, laugh – her mothering journey is enriched. We have been inspired by many messages sharing the heartbreaking truth that for many mothers these types of  friendships exists only on the internet and through social media.

I am happy that social media is able to bridge many of these isolated expanses between mothers of likemindedness, but we have been working on a project that we hope will help bring together mothers in person. We are in the process of building a mobile phone application called Mothers Connectthat will allow mothers to quickly and easily find like-minded mothers who live near them. Mothers will be able to register special interests and immediately have the option to connect with mothers around her that have registered similar interests. We are currently running a crowdfunding campaign to launch this idea and I would love to invite you to sponsor our project.

I am pleased to be able to use technology in this way – to connect mothers beyond the pages of our magazine, beyond the pages of social media so they can come together and grow true friendships.

Motherhood is a special time full of courage and love. I hope that The Mother magazine continues to inspire and uplift mothers for many years to come.

I hope you visit our crowdfunding campaign.

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