I feel I have a voice and can help make a difference

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I have just found out about your group – MAHM –  from reading an article about prejudice against stay at home mums where you were mentioned.  I am so happy to find a group that supports stay at home parents.  I am very concerned about how attitudes have changed towards stay at home parents which has been heightened by the many media reports on government proposals in lowering the schools age & longer school days etc.  I have listened & read opinions that it is a good thing so parents can work but not many reports on how this can damage children short term and long term.  I have been thinking that I wanted to do something to get my opinion out there and now after seeing your website I feel I have a voice and can help make a difference.    

 So after reading your website and the how to help page I am going to be writing to my local MP who is actually Michael Gove! and I’m just about to join your group as I would love to be kept up to date with what your doing & help more in the future.  Thank you for inspiring me to do something to support stay at home parents.   Received 30th April 2014

MAHM says:  Thank you –  we hugely appreciate all letters of support and encouragement and any offers of help. Please copy us in on your letter to Michael Gove and whether you get a reply or not!   



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