Living standards have fallen, says CPAG

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Living standards fall says CPAG

August 2013

Read report from Chief Executive Child Poverty Action Group, Alison Garnham

MAHM:   Excellent report and vital to campaign for a better deal for families.  

Families are struggling to make ends meet due to high cost of housing, debt, low pay and rising cost of living.  These are difficult times.

However MAHM  questions the way childcare costs are factored into the equation.   After all ALL families bear costs in raising children, whether they use paid registered care or deploy a parent at home who gives up one salary to provide care.   There is no escaping childcare costs.    The point is ‘Whose responsibility is it to provide care for children – the govt’s role – or is it a family’s role?”      It is certainly  the govt’s responsibility to make sure that employers pay a fair wage and that we have fair family taxation.  And if the govt decides to recognise, in the tax and benefit system ,   the extra costs borne by parents (as opposed to families without children) then this money needs to be allocated fairly to ALL  parents – not depending on childcare choice.    Why should a family earning £200,000 be eligible for tax free childcare to pay for nursery for example,  whilst a one-wage couple with a parent at home  (forfeiting a salary)   gets nothing despite being taxpayers and despite working hard?

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