Motherhood must not hide its light under a bushel, says Dr Aric Sigman

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At our Open Meeting Oct 2013 Dr Aric Sigman asked us to consider the special quality of mothers and the importance of the mother-child relationship. 

He said:  ”For too long, any discussion of the role of maternal contact in child wellbeing has been invariably highjacked and replaced with a debate on working parents and the economy, or the merits, demerits, cost and accessibility of daycare. 

Moreover, emphasising the uniqueness of motherhood in advancing child wellbeing continues to produce mixed reactions, with some seeing this as placing unfair responsibility for childcare on women and others becoming defensive about the use of daycare. 

Ultimately, the most important point – the child’s wellbeing – gets lost in the political foray. 

Motherhood must not hide its light under a bushel. Greater maternal contact in the early years, especially during infancy, is greatly advantageous to the child. Society must ask itself why this could possibly be construed as contentious. It seems as if motherhood has to sing for its supper in order to gain a seat of respect at the table of grown-ups. We should instead be acknowledging, supporting and marvelling at what mothers bestow upon their children.

That the uniqueness of motherhood is considered by some to be the subject of speculation should anger all mothers, whether working, stay-at-home or part-time. How politicians, the media and society reflect the unique contributions of mothers is ultimately a value judgment on the worth of our children.”


We also warmly welcomed Sally Goddard Blythe who addressed the audience on ‘First Love  – First Moves’. Summary and slides to follow shortly.   Look out for Sally’s books  ‘The Genius of Natural Childhood’ and ‘What Babies and Children Really Need’  available from Hawthorn Press. 


Home Renaissance Foundation invited to MAHM AGM 2013

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