Open Consultation on Tax-Free Childcare – letter from a mother at home

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Tax-Free Childcare Team

HMRC, Room 1C/07

100 Parliament Street

London, SW1A 2BQ


Monday 16th September 2013

Dear Sir/Madam,

Tax-Free Childcare – Open Consultation

I do NOT agree that the childcare voucher scheme is the best way to support hard-working families.

It is based upon the assumption that both parents believe the best childcare for their offspring is officially approved, paid childcare outside the family.  For many, this is not the case and this scheme favours one form of childcare over any other. In George Osborne’s recent speech on the economy he argued that ” you don’t solve the pressure on cost of living with simply a shopping list of interventions and Government regulation.”   Yet this is precisely what the Government are doing with administratively costly Childcare Vouchers.  In a free society this sort of social engineering is not acceptable. 

If the State is to be so generous with tax payers’ money – so soon after the unfair removal of the universal Child Benefit citing ‘austerity’ as a cause – then the State also has a duty to be FAIR with the support it provides.  All families are ‘hard-working – including those in which one parent stays at home to provide the childcare for the family ‘in-house’.  Particularly so,  as they will pay proportionately more tax than a dual-earning couple bringing in the same household income. 

Stay-at-home parenting is not an inexpensive option.  Stay-at-home parents provide a stable, loving environment for the next generation often supporting the local economy and voluntary sector.  This is usually at the cost of a second salary and career prospects, yet this form of childcare can only benefit the future economy by raising well-rounded, up-standing future citizens.  This equally valid option for families is one that should NOT be ignored. 

Yours sincerely,

Imogen Thompson


And this:

Template letter to MPs re proposed childcare vouchers

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