The Economics of family life

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Available for download:

CARE How the Budget really affects families.pdf

Economics Why Women Must_Work.pdf 

Please note that these figures are now (June 2014) being updated due to benefit cuts and austerity measures hitting families harder than ever before.  

Mothers and fathers are under pressure to work ever longer hours to keep their heads above water but poverty is widespread and wages have not kept up with the cost of living.  

Housing costs are out of most people’s reach.

More and more people have to turn to Food Banks for support.  Parents are under pressure to put their children in childcare and return to paid employment long before the child is ready for separation.   Help us to keep on top of the issues and please send relevant links to [email protected]

If you are willing to be a Case Study and tell us how you’re managing your family finances,  please send your story to: [email protected]  All information treated in the strictest confidence.




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