AGMs and Other Events

AGMs are a necessity, but they would be poorly attended were it not for our efforts to find one and sometimes two high caliber speakers from the UK and more recently from other European countries to liven up the event.  As you can see from the reports, they have all been interesting and have given us a great deal of thought.


MAHM AGM & Open Meeting 2015

Our Open Meeting in the autumn gave members an opportunity to meet and encourage each other. They enjoyed two excellent talks by Steve Biddulph and Pam Jarvis.   Steve Biddulph: Manhood Men are in crisis at the moment. Having evolved as hunter gatherers in settings where 4-5 men cared for each boy, making sure they […]


Care is spelt T-I-M-E, says Anna Firth, speaking at Mothers at Home Matter conference in London

‘Care is spelt T I M E’, says Anna Firth, speaking at Mothers at Home Matter Conference in London 2014 And she added this: ‘When mothers speak, the voice of children is heard’.  That summed up Anna Firth’s passionate cry for mothers to be involved at all levels of public life to promote the needs […]


Open Meeting October 2013

16th Oct 2013  – Chair’s address    – OPEN MEETING MAHM – morning session. By Marie Peacock I’d like to extend a very warm welcome to everyone We know how tricky it is for mothers around the school day and special arrangements have to be made.   Many of you will have asked for help from friends, […]


Motherhood must not hide its light under a bushel, says Dr Aric Sigman

At our Open Meeting Oct 2013 Dr Aric Sigman asked us to consider the special quality of mothers and the importance of the mother-child relationship.  He said:  ”For too long, any discussion of the role of maternal contact in child wellbeing has been invariably highjacked and replaced with a debate on working parents and the […]


Naomi Stadlen, author of ‘How Mothers Love’, addressed the MAHM Open Meeting in 2012

  What Are Mothers Doing at Home?   We were privileged to welcome author Naomi Stadlen as our speaker at the 2012 Open Meeting.  For over twenty years Naomi has run regular discussion groups called ‘Mothers Talking’ at the Active Birth Centre in London.    I first got to know about Naomi’s work in 2010 […]


AGM 2011

OPEN MEETING NOVEMBER 2011 Speaker and academic Jonas Himmelstrand uncovers the truth behind the myth of the utopian socialist Swedish society At our Open Meeting in November 2011 (and again at our House of Commons Reception on 12th March 2013) Jonas Himmelstrand captivated us with an account of Swedish family life, which was in complete […]


AGM 2010

Address given by Anne-Claire de Liedekerke to Full Time Mothers on 15 November 2010 Realities of Mothers in Europe Anne-Claire de Liedekerke came from Brussels to tell us of the extremely important work which the Mouvement Mondial des Mères (MMM) is doing to raise the profile of mothers both within the European Union and at […]


AGM 2009

Sue Palmer’s address, November 2009 The future is not some place we are going to but one we are now creating Few of us can have come away from Sue Palmer’s enlivening talk without inspiration. Never doubt, she said, that a handful of committed citizens can change the world and I am sure that she […]


AGM 2008

Talk given by Tom Hodgkinson to Full Time Mothers, 11 November 2008 Learning to Idle Tom Hodgkinson introduced himself as the son of an ardent feminist mother.  His own politics are closer to those of an anarchist, because of governments’ insatiable need to interfere.  The system of consumption and capitalism eats into ever more of […]


AGM 2007

At our AGM in London, Jay Belsky, Professor of Psychology and Director of the Institute for the Study of children, Families and social Issues, Birkbeck University of London, gave us a thorough overview of research into daycare spanning thirty years – and reactions to findings, both from the popular press and within the research community. […]

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