Equality for all

by Claire Paye 30 Sept 2016 It is clear I have my work cut out for me. The Conference fringe events ‘Improving life chances’ (organised by Bright Blue with Child Poverty Action Group) and ‘Working women: is gender equality beyond reach’ (also organised by Bright Blue) have been scheduled to run simultaneously, with no recognition […]


Why is our family unit penalised for the time spent caring for our daughter?

I have a confession to make; I’m a SAHM by choice! Not due to childcare costs or because I’m not ambitious, which political parties seem to think are the only possible reasons. It’s for the simple reason that I want to be the one who looks after my child on a daily basis. To be […]


Lighting up Young Brains

Lighting up Young Brains  by Claire Paye, MAHM   According to Professor Torsten Baldeweg, Professor of Neuroscience and Child Health, from University College London’s Institute of Child health, the early years ‘are absolutely critical’.  The report in which he is quoted, ‘Lighting up Young Brains’ also identifies 130,000 children a year who are ‘falling behind’, […]


Debating Maternal Care – HoL needs to launch independent inquiry

The House of Lords will be debating Maternal Care on Thursday 17th March. Good news. Click here  for more information. Worth tuning in at 1pm to see if the debate stays firm on topic to examine the vital importance of maternal care and how it might be best supported, or whether it mutates into discussion of […]


International Women’s Day – Urgent Progress needed around CARE Matters

On behalf of the wider membership and Mothers at Home Matter supporters, we are delighted that Global Women’s Strikewill be in Parliament today campaigning about the importance of CARE.  We are sorry that our MAHM mothers cannot be there,  mainly due to care responsibilities at home. Your event on International Women’s Day is an essential […]

sisters sitting on the floor watching television together

Talking about Motherhood on TV

by Claire Paye 2nd February 2016 ‘Are working mothers better mothers’ ended up being the title of the tv debate I participated in on ITVAre working mums ‘better’ mums?, 2 Feb 2016.  I had thought it was going to be a conversation about whether stay at home mothers can exist without living vicariously through their […]


The ‘luxury’ of love

by Claire Paye 22 January 2016 What is so terrible about mothers looking after their own children?  Why is it so very important that mothers do paid work so they can pay someone else to look after their children?  Why the Government obsession with using taxpayers’ money to pay for childcare when mothers can, and […]


Value Families and Value Unpaid Care Work

18th January 2016   by Marie Peacock The issue of benefits, dependency and strategies to reduce the welfare bill are regularly analysed in policy circles and in the media.  Today Civitas  is discussing this very topic. But the matter of *Family Care* and the extra responsibilities and costs of *Raising A Family* are all-too-rarely debated. It’s […]


When one parent cares for children at home the family is penalised in taxation. Mr Cameron – Why?

8th December Dear Mr Cameron, In a speech last week by Sam Gyimah, Education and Childcare Minister, to the Family and Childcare Trust regarding the expansion in taxpayer-funded support for 30 hours of non family childcare, he said: ”We are setting an income cap set at £100,000, whereby parents earning more than that won’t be […]


Vanessa Olorenshaw speaking on MAHM Panel at Feminism in London October 2015

VANESSA OLORENSHAW POLITICS OF MOTHERING @VOLORENSHAW UNWAGED WORK PANEL AT FEMINISM IN LONDON CONFERENCE   INTRODUCTION Thank you Mel and MAHM for inviting me to speak on this panel, I am very grateful for the opportunity to use my voice today. For those of you who don’t know who I am, I am a mother, […]

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