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It was not so long ago most families could afford a mother at home. Today only 28% families have a mother at home.

Mothers at Home have been under attack. The economic system is stacked against them by successive government policies, while a political and social elite has devalued the role and the importance of care in the home.

To be a mother at home has been portrayed as ‘unjustifiable’, ‘idle’, ‘a waste of education’, ‘old fashioned’. It is deemed a ‘luxury’, a ‘life style choice’. And yet the reasons for making this choice – care of our children, our community, our elderly have not gone away. Rather the reverse: there seems a critical need for ‘care’ as we see rises in loneliness, depression and mental illness.

MAHM recognises that not all mothers want to be at home and some find fulfilment in their careers. We welcome the changes that have seen opportunities open up for mothers in the workplace. However there has been a conscious drive by successive governments to get mothers back into employment. Many mothers feel forced by financial pressure into un-meaningful jobs when they would like to spend more time with the family at a time when the family needs them most.

Mothers at Home Matter campaigns to cherish motherhood; to give a voice to those carrying out the invisible care work; and to remove the barriers which make is so difficult for so many to make the choice to be a mother at home.





Fathers at Home

MAHM also recognises the work of fathers at home undertaking the day to day caring role. Many of our campaign aims, such as fiscal fairness for single-earner families and the importance of valuing ‘time spent caring’ apply to fathers as much as mothers.

If you’re a dad at home then most of the information on our website will be of interest to you and please write to us at [email protected]



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who caresRead more or Download our booklet which explains why most families can no longer afford for the mother to be
home. Who Cares about the Family Jun 2015

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- 46 days ago

Always interesting to follow the debate about family & early childhood policies in other countries. E.g from NZ. https://t.co/fSLS2vB75B
h J R

- 46 days ago

RT @KatiePybus: @T_o_m_Smith @CenterParcsUK The push to get both parents earning and paying tax coupled with SATs is what! @mumsdadsmatter
h J R

- 47 days ago

Write to [email protected] your inter-generational living exp, whether in the UK or further afield. https://t.co/wDCOZ33QWk
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